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In private practice, Nick Jankel uses Breakthrough Biodynamics™ to help clients all over the world to resolve major life challenges; and learn how to break through stuckness, stress, depression, intimacy issues, burn-out, addictions and chronic health challenges.

Nick works with his clients to have a major breakthrough in the area of their choosing and then embody and embed that breakthrough in everyday life so it lands. Key to his work is helping his clients understand the biological dynamics of their own experience, such as:

– How stress, stuckness and anxiety show up in their physiology and psychology
– Why and how they switch off with certain triggers and stressful situations
– What thoughts, feelings and habits inspire them to switch on and unleash their full potential
– How to reprogram limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
– How to create the right conditions for future breakthroughs

Over the course of an engagement, Nick guides his clients to build strength in choosing, consciously, to move towards possibility over problems and peace over pain during the crunch moments of stress and challenge when the quality of our lives is decided.

“It was both fabulous and stirring. Lots of revelations in profound ways.” Managing Director, Creative Agency

Although every engagement is very much focused on a specific client breakthrough, Nick does have an agenda: To help people build their capacity to switch themselves on, at will, and bring more truth, love and creativity into the world. This can lead to Nick supporting his clients to find their purpose, overcome career blockages, deal with chronic ill health or addictions, build purposeful projects, develop fulfilling roles at work or cultivate conscious relationships.

Nick can work in any area that is generating suffering, stress or ‘stuckness’. As well as his work with transformational change and personal growth, Nick has worked in Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Parenting Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Entrepreneurial Coaching to help clients manifest their potential in these most important areas of their lives.

Nick works with the principles and practices of Breakthrough Biodynamics™, a science-driven, yet wisdom-wired school of transformation that helps people and organizations lead and sustain breakthroughs in any area of human endeavor.

In personal development and coaching, Breakthrough Biodynamics™ fuses together the three great strands of human development: The healing power of compassionate therapy; the life-changing empowerment of great coaching; and the profound changes that occur when we expand our consciousness with wisdom. So each package of sessions will see Nick using techniques from therapy, mindfulness, neuroscience, creative thinking, embodiment, deep healing and movement therapy to have breakthroughs and embed them into the nervous system, so preventing  a return to the emotional and mental habits of the past. Nick will ensure that each client completes an engagement with tools, hacks and philosophical distinctions that can help them for many years to come.

“My wife thinks I have had a brain transplant!” – Manager

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