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BioBreakthrough Therapy

with Alison McAulay

BioBreakthrough Therapy is a profound treatment for a wide range of both chronic and acute issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, muscle pains, headaches, back pain, sports injuries, digestive problems, addiction, chronic fatigue syndrome, learning difficulties, infertility and trauma of all kinds.
“I just can’t believe how how good I feel.”

BioBreakthrough Therapy Client

Transform Pain. Embody Transformation.

BioBreakthrough Therapy transforms physical, emotional and psychological pain, suffering and trauma and builds new moods, beliefs and behaviours on a cellular level.

BioBreakthrough Therapy blends breathwork, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, intuitive healing, movement and breakthrough coaching to embody deep and lasting breakthroughs.

BioBreakthrough Therapy is suitable for people of all ages, including children and pregnant women.

“There are no words to describe what happened.”
BioBreakthrough Class Participant

The Benefits


Enjoy rapid physical, emotional & psychological healing


Awaken a sense of peace, purpose, gratitude, creativity, love and interconnection


Reduce chronic pain


Feel energized and more like the person you really are


Accelerate transformation of negative habits & beliefs


Experience a new found connectedness to yourself, others and the planet

About Alison McAulay

“Alison is like a gentle scalpel for pain and suffering within.”
BioBreakthrough Class Client

Alison McAulay is a co-founder of Switch On and co-creator of Breakthrough Biodynamics™. She is a pioneer in embodied transformation with a career spanning biodynamic craniosacral therapy, intuitive healing, contemporary dance, choreography and elite gymnastics. She also runs BioBreakthrough Classes in London for regular group work.

About Breakthrough Biodynamics™

BioBreakthrough Therapy is based on the methodology and philosophy of Breakthrough Biodynamics™. It is a truly unique and rigorous brain-based yet heart-smart process and practice for driving forward personal breakthroughs and transformations whilst expanding creativity, connectedness and consciousness. 

Breakthrough Biodynamics™ evolved out of decades of transformational work, study and experience integrated with the very latest neuroscience and research on consciousness and wellbeing to provide a pathway from pain to peace.

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