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BioBreakthrough Movement Classes & Workshops

with Alison McAulay

Break through chronic pain and suffering in a unique symphony of breathwork, meditation, movement, music, sound and stillness within a sacred space.
Deepen your journey into your body and mind to unleash life-changing breakthroughs with Alison McAulay, pioneer of BioBreakthrough Therapy and intuitive healer, contemporary dance teacher, choreographer and elite gymnast.
Wake up to the extraordinary experience of living a fully liberated and embodied life where nothing pulls you down again.

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“It has transformed my life”

BioBreakthrough Participant, West Lexham Convergence


The Benefits

 Rapid physical, emotional and psychological healing

 Immediately experience less stress and more spaciousness


Shift your orientation from surviving to thriving

Feel a rejuvenated connectedness to yourself, others and the planet

Be more authentic, present, creative, purposeful and playful


About Alison McAulay

“Alison is like a gentle scalpel for pain and suffering.”
BioBreakthrough Participant, Exhale Festival

Alison McAulay is a co-founder of Switch On and a pioneer in embodied transformation with a career spanning biodynamic craniosacral therapy, intuitive healing, contemporary dance, choreography and elite gymnastics.

About Breakthrough Biodynamics™

All BioBreakthrough Classes are based on the methodology and philosophy of Breakthrough Biodynamics™. It is a truly unique and rigorous brain-based yet heart-smart process and practice for driving forward personal breakthroughs and transformations whilst expanding your creativity, connectedness and consciousness. 

Breakthrough Biodynamics™ evolved out of decades of transformational work, study and experience integrated with the very latest neuroscience and research on consciousness and wellbeing to provide a pathway from pain to peace.

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