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The Purpose Course: Find & Activate Your Life Purpose, Leadership Purpose & Business Purpose

Welcome to this fantastic online course that I have lovingly created to ensure you can live a purpose-driven, purpose-filled, purpose-fuelled, life.

It contains cutting-edge tools and techniques developed over many years to help you find your purpose – and then activate it within your life, your organization and our world.

Finding your purpose is essential if you want a life full in meaning and a deep sense of fulfillment – that your energies are being used up by the ‘right’ projects, people and things.

Everything in my life changed once I had discovered my purpose; and it is still unfolding as I live out my days with purpose as my guide and anchor.

For inspiration on how important purpose is to us all – our businesses as much as our bodies – you can read my article on Huffington Post, which is itself an extract from my book Switch On. A two chapter sample of this book is included with the course materials as a gift. It includes a complete summary of the latest neuroscience integrated with timeless wisdom about what makes us tick.

This course is designed to help you explore your values, your richest and most meaningful moments, your life philosophy and leadership philosophy and your assumptions about how the world works… and draw from that deep wellspring of intention a clear statement of:

  • Your Life Purpose
  • Your Leadership Purpose
  • Your Enterprise, Business or Project Purpose

It does not just stop with defining your purpose; it helps you start to live it by becoming conscious of when you are making decisions and doing projects that are “on purpose” and when you feel, deep down, that you are “off purpose”.

The Purpose Course is structured around 7 videos, some of which include powerful visualizations and meditations that I will take you through to get a sense of the purpose that lies await within; and to rewire your nervous system with a sense of your purpose once you find it. However, the real genius of the course – and where your progress will leap forward – lies within the 5 Switch On ‘engines’.These are tools created over many years running workshops with amazing companies and coaching brilliant leaders to give you the benefits of this kind of intensive human development… but without the cost. The added benefit is that you can use them over and over now – and any time in future – to guide you on the way of breakthrough.

Example Switch On Engines:


*** Special Bonus*** Included in the price of this course is direct written feedback from me on your Life Purpose statement as well as suggestions from me on how to change it to really nail your purpose. If you want to engage me in a package of Embodied Breakthrough Coaching to really make sure you are building life, career or business around your purpose, you can find out more about it here.

The Purpose Course is Stage 1 of our 6-stage Breakthrough Curriculum. This curriculum has evolved over 20 years to provide leaders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs with everything they need to continuously break through challenges – elegantly and effectively – and so bring to life projects that ensure we, our enterprises and our world thrive. We have taught elements of the Breakthrough Curriculum to leaders, managers and employees at companies like Google, Intel and Nike; and to 50,000 people from all walks of life across the globe. Here is an introduction to the Breakthrough Curriculum: