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Take the Pain Out of Business Transformation. Maximize the Exponential Impact of Innovation.

If you want major business breakthroughs, whether external innovation or internal transformation, we design and lead Switch On Sprint programs that ensure your leaders forge the future of your industry, fast.

Our Sprint programs offer a proven process for creating multiple breakthroughs and delivering exponential impact, whether through customer-focused innovation or internal business transformation.

Outcomes range from disruptive new business models to organizational redesign; from finding and expressing business purpose to developing new service models that lead to exponential value-creation.

With the power of our Switch On Way methodology and its 70+ proprietary tools, all this can happen in 90 days.

"Extraordinary creativity and thought leadership in all things to do with innovation."

Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo

Ensure Your Leaders Break Through Their Greatest Challenges With Next-level Leadership Development

If you want every one of your leaders to have a breakthrough with their toughest challenges, we design and lead Switch On Catalyst programs for next-level leadership development.

We go way beyond conventional management training to equip leaders with the tool and thinking they need to break through all and any obstacles and create the change that that your enterprise needs to flourish.

We customize modules from our comprehensive and extensive leadership curriculum to fit each organizations needs.

"Crucial in ensuring our business transformation program landed in the hearts and minds of the team."

Chief Creative Officer, Top 3 Global FMGC Company

Nurture the Best Talent By Ensuring Your Future Leaders Break Through Today’s Problems

If you want to attract and retain the best Millenial talent and harness them as your most value-creating innovators and intrapreneurs, we design and lead Switch On Accelerator programs that help them step up into leadership mindsets and at the same time solve difficult and unresolved problems.

This builds you a purpose-driven innovation culture from the inside out whilst giving them a tangible reason to engaged advocates of your organization.

"Very relevant to our values and purpose and highlighted the importance of creativity within the working environment."


Create Switched On Leaders At Every Level Without the Costs.

If you want breakthrough leaders at every level of your organization, without the cost of conventional programs, then leverage our very own disruptive innovation: A comprehensive Leadership System that helps leaders hone their leadership skills and qualities together, without an expensive expert in the room.

The Switch On Leadership System has been designed, tested and improved over a decade to provide a framework and learning experience that gives users the new thinking and techniques they need to thrive as leaders.

It covers multiple aspects of leadership, including self-mastery, resilience, building adaptability and agility, managing time, energy and moods, staying responsive and creative, connecting purpose to the organization’s purpose and much more.

"The system has had the most profound effect on me and my life. I am astounded at the speed of change within myself."

Executive, National Health Service

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