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The Switch On Leadership System

A scaleable low-cost toolkit to drive leadership & empowerment at every level.

“It has had the most profound effect on me and my life. I am astounded at the speed of change.” – Executive, National Health Service

Leaders don’t just belong at the top. Our Leadership System embeds creative leadership behaviors and empowered, responsible mindsets across every level of your organization so everyone can thrive without limits. Watch your culture change in the direction of agility, flexibility and resilience.

If you want breakthrough people throughout your enterprise – without the cost of conventional training or coaching – then leverage our very own disruptive innovation. The core aim of the Leadership System is to inspire users to take action to forge the future of your organization rather than get stuck in corrosive cycles of ‘blame and complain’ that reduce innovation, minimize agility and limit performance. The more people who use the System, the more it creates cultural change – everyone starts to align around a new language of, and attitude to, challenge, responsibility and agility.

The Leadership System has been designed, tested and improved over a decade to equip people with new thinking, tools and techniques across multiple aspects of personal leadership, including: Self-mastery, executive presence, resilience, creativity, adaptability and agility, time, energy and mood management, collaboration and empowerment of self and others. People work in pairs to develop these skills, achieve tangible goals and deliver change to the organization.

The toolkit is “plug and play” so it  can be deployed across an entire business at ultra-low cost and without the need for other, slower, interventions. More people can feel invested inane be given the support and empowerment they need to optimize their role in value creation, their impact on the world and their own career path (the crucial ‘win win win’). We also use it to deepen the transformational power of our leadership and change programs.

The Switch On Leadership System can be used to supplement a workshop or program and extend the ‘wow’ effect long after. But it is also stand-alone and completely ‘plug and play’

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