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Accelerator Programs: Systems & Culture Change

Transform your business by transforming your people and culture.

Most organizations are designed to deliver constant growth in stable environments. But in the VUCA world no system or business model stays successful for long. If you want to ensure new business models and new systems deliver the exponential growth they can, we design Accelerator Programs that drive tangible culture and behavior change so that your ambitions are enabled and not limited by your people. People must change before exponential results from new innovations arrive.

Unlike conventional management consultancies, we know that people need to change how they act, think and feel to make ambitious re-orgs, system deployments and disruptive innovations work. We must breakthrough reactive habits, resistant middle-management, overloaded systems and overwhelmed employees to land change. But all people – leaders and teams – have biologies that are naturally wired up to hold onto old ideas, repeat old habits, stay within comfort zones and resist change. Our Accelerators draw on the latest behavioral and creative sciences, and a raft of scalable tools and interventions, to ensure your people become responsive and empowered at every level so they can effortlessly deal with change and proactively embrace new strategies.

We work with you to design programs that are light on touch, participatory in feel and high on impact. We blend top-down with bottom-up approaches to unleash latent creativity, collaboration and contribution – whilst building trust, purpose and psychological safety. We draw on over 45 proven change practices to lead people to, and beyond, breakthrough, helping them to embody the change in their biologies and embed them into how business is done. This prevents the relentless drift back to the status quo and ensures beliefs shift and behaviors change rapidly with minimal resistance.

Everyone says that culture is king. If you want to ensure yours enables the full potential of your people to change, we can provides the tools and practices to make it happen.

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