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Switch On Catalysts: Breakthrough Leadership Development

Cultivate next-level leaders who drive forward breakthrough change and innovation at all times.

“Amazing feedback from our leaders.” Intel 

Constant change and uncertainty is the new normal – opening up fresh opportunities and causing major problems for every leader. Our customized Catalyst Programs reinvigorate your leaders so they can thrive without limits. We help every leader to take charge of the future by mastering their capacity to lead breakthroughs which turn chaos into creativity and problems into possibilities – so personally generating exponential impact.

Unlike conventional leadership companies, we were born from a world-class disruptive innovation agency which means are leadership programs are designed to drive tangible business breakthroughs by helping leaders sustain new thinking and behaviors over the long-term, on real projects. So each Catalyst Program seeks to equip your leaders with the skills, qualities, tools and practices that they need to lead in a VUCA world. Each leader leaves a Catalyst with a profound yet practical methodology to consciously lead breakthroughs with problems that arise in a VUCA world – in any area, with any product and at any time.

Each leader is offered the most powerful innovation, leadership and change tools on the planet and invited to use them – and begin the process of mastery – to solve their single greatest challenge in real-time before the program ends. We customize which modules from our comprehensive, cohesive and rigorous leadership curriculum fit your specific needs and company culture best – and which of our 70+ proprietary tools, called Switch On Engines, will help your leaders switch on and step up most. We believe that leaders must support each other to be breakthrough so we leverage peer-to-peer and circle-based learning which drive deep embodiment and embedding.

Ensure your leaders break through their greatest challenges with next-level leadership development.

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