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Switch On Life

Switch On Life, headed up by co-founder Alison Seneca McAulay, has helped tens of thousands of individuals all over the world to switch on, break through their most intense life challenges and forge a path towards thriving.

We leverage Breakthrough Biodynamics™ in coaching sessions (on and offline), cutting-edge workshops, wisdom teaching and talks, embodiment classes, live events, transformational dance experiences and online courses to ensure profound get the breakthroughs they yearn for.

We have a vision to educate, empower and support as many people as possible to master their biology and harness their purpose, passion and creativity in service of a more brilliant life, family, community and world. 

Unlike conventional personal development companies, we were born from a social enterprise dedicated to providing the life-changing and world-changing wisdom of humanity to the marginalised and disadvantaged and not just the lucky few. This has challenged us to relentlessly innovate in our space, using digital technologies, media and design thinking to scale transformation through our online courses, toolkits, books, video, web TV shows.

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