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Switch On Sprints: Innovation & Transformation

Turn your biggest pain into your biggest business opportunities in 90 days.

 “Enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge of breakthrough proved invaluable in ensuring powerful outcomes.” Lendlease 

Don’t wait for change to make you irrelevant. Lead it and stay ahead of the rest. Our rapid innovation Sprint Programs will transform your greatest pain points into your biggest opportunities for exponential growth whilst equipping your leaders with the skills and qualities they need to deliver – in just 90 days.

Our Sprint Programs systematically take your biggest pain points, and those of your customers, and turn them into sources of sustainable and purposeful value whether in the form of disruptive innovations or internal business transformations. The Sprint Program are designed to take the struggle out of innovation and remove the strife of change, transforming the hardest thing a corporation must do into the most exciting, engaging and rewarding. Sprint participants leave after 90 days inspired to forge the future with common purpose and with a major upgrade to agility, empowerment and resolve.

Using an integrated approach, we turn early signals of fails into major opportunities for you to drive exponential value rather than resort to familiar solutions that are both impossible to defend and tend to marginal returns. Outcomes usually include future-forward business models, organizational redesigns, business and brand purpose, new service experiences and breakthrough marketing ideas all geared to generate a transformation in your ecosystem by fitting and forging the future.

Every leader and team member on the Sprint is progressively equipped with some of the thinking, skills and tools they will need to deliver these breakthroughs into a world that resists change. They build up a head of steam to land the breakthroughs together so that they corporate immune system has less chance to kill them off before they take flight.

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