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The Advanced BioBreakthrough Experience

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This advanced workshop goes way deeper into the philosophy, methodology and toolset of Breakthrough Biodynamics™ and how it can enable anyone who masters it to thrive in every moment, no matter what life has thrown our way. Whether in life or in leadership, we learn how to break through obstacles and limitations with us, and around us, that stops us from fulfilling our potential to love, create, lead and thrive.

The core ambition of the workshop is to build your mastery of how to break through the deeply embedded defensive patterns and conditioning that still have a hold on you and that block your plans; and how to turn these transformations into practical changes in everyday life so you never get stuck, stressed out or suffer for very long again. This workshop continues your journey of committed inner work, pulling you out of your comfort zone in a playful and supportive environment to push you towards a life-changing breakthrough that delivers you a life of absolute purpose, never again settling for anything less than total freedom and fulfillment.

We will help you feel and embody the fundamental truth that you are a loved, welcomed, invited, valued part of this one universe; and use this connection to channel your unique gifts into a life and leadership purpose that will build you the fully switched on life you deserve. By the end of the program you will commit to a 90-day practical purpose-driven project that will leap you forward your life. You will begin the project, and develop support structures to complete it, before you finish the workshop.

In the first part of the workshop, you will understand why conflicts in your relationships impact your everyday experience; and you will learn how to repair tears in the fabric of your ‘relational fields’ with parents (alive or deceased), care-givers, teachers, colleagues, children, nature and, above all, the universe itself. As you progress through different layers, mapping them onto different parts and sensations in your body, you will be able to transform trauma within from your own childhood; as well as pain and patterning that has been passed down to you through your relatives and ancestors.

You will learn new tools that can help you listen to, and act on, our inner wisdom; and scientific research into how to transform these patterns by shifting your primary orientation to life. You will move towards mastery of the two core drivers of every human life, Connection and Protection, that operate at all times within you. This will make all your behaviors and beliefs, struggles and blockages, make sense for the rest of your life, no matter how illogical they look at first. This alone can transform your life for good.

As you progressively move closer to a sense of deep and abiding unity, you will forgive your parents and caregivers, leaders, teachers and figures of authority in a safe, loving and connected space that we create specifically to ensure as many participants as possible leave with a deep change within. You will probably notice that your relationships with others, and yourself, start to change even before the workshop is over. People may respond and react to your differently. You might look at yourself in a different way. You might find yourself engaged in conversations and possibilities that would not normally attract you.

As you release trauma from the body that has been locked in by past conflict, you will recapture energy that has been trapped inside. Tiredness and exhaustion will almost certainly lift, showing you how much suffering can be released just by thinking and feeling differently. You will learn how to notice, harness and channel this energy in ways that move your life forward towards breakthrough. This is about how to thaw and unleash the frozen child within you, bringing their capabilities and creativity back into an integrated version of you that is ready for action.

The ultimate repair is your connection to the universe, to life itself, whatever you call this. If you do not trust it, connect with it and feel it in your life, permanent thriving is impossible. You cannot be truly free, no matter how much you meditate or experience bliss from time to time, without this. By engaging your inner child in wise and structured ways, you will master how to bring light to our shadow and purify yourself, gently but instantly, in the warm balm of limitless love.

Core tools and techniques we teach help you to: master practices of gratitude, compassion and devotion; hack your ego’s defenses when you notice yourself switching off; get out of the way of yourself so you can flow in work and play; and take refuge in your true nature within when times get really tough. You will also be invited to use practices that help you design your life to maximize your moods, energy and time to get the most done with the least resistance and stress.

In the second part of the workshop, we take you deep within to find your purpose in life – your own unique way of bringing move love, truth and creativity into every waking moment. We help your harness the rich experiences of the past and find the meaning moments that can guide you to the pearl without price: knowing why you exist in your life. We help you embody your life purpose without fear, shame, anger and resentment blocking it from expressing itself at all times. This anchor, which will remain as a consistent theme for the rest of your life, will help you deal with any chaos, uncertainty, fear or confusion for the rest of your life.

Once you have cracked the essence of your life purpose – and know how to return home to it within you at will – you move to your leadership purpose: how you choose to express you life purpose within your career, enterprise and projects. We ensure you are free of any shame or doubt which stops you from acknowledging your deepest ambitions for a better life and playing your full part in creating a better world. We ensure you know how you can close any gaps between your purpose and the reality of the family life and work life you will return to after the workshop.

We explore what it could look like to have a life filled with meaning and the scientific research into the health and business benefits of living with maximum purpose. Going deeper, you will explore what it feels like to make decisions that are ‘on purpose’; and what it feels like when you are ‘off purpose’. You will explore how this plays out in your body – feelings and sensations that can guide you when rational thinking is not helping.

You will learn to distinguish between fear-based instinct and love-fueled intuition, and what they are guiding you to do in each moment that is driven by the need for Protection or Connection. We teach you how to clear away resistance that blocks your intuition and creativity and so build trust in your own innate wisdom to make decisions that work for all the people you care about. Then, as an individual and as a leader, you will be able to always serve whatever is seeking to emerge, whether in your love life, family life or work, that reduces suffering and increases thrive.

We will then help you focus your energies for coming months so that you can make something meaningful happen within 90 days. You will use your life and leadership purpose to focus on a problem that matters to you right now; and envision what it would look like if a major breakthrough occurred in this area. You will then plan a purpose-driven project to execute over the next 90 days; and who needs to be involved to make it happen.

You will leave the workshop with a renewed connection to life, deep healing embedded in your nervous system, and a plan of what to do next to bring your deepest purpose to life for a future of optimal thriving.


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