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Switch On: The BioBreakthrough Experience

switch on experience

This is an introductory workshop to provide you with the basics of Breakthrough Biodynamics™ and how it can empower us all to break through any challenge – whether stress, stuckness or deep suffering – through mastery of our own biological wizardry. This is about learning how you can reconnect at any time and rewire your nervous system to do anything you set your mind to.

First we must understand, and begin to have some mastery, of the three facets of our fundamental biology and psychology: Our behaviors and habits; our beliefs and thinking; and our emotions and feelings. You will learn that any of these three can be consciously changed at any moment to fulfill your potential. You will be given a summary of the latest neurobiology of human happiness and thriving; and how it connects to timeless wisdom from great traditions like Taoism and Buddhism.

Next you will understand the choices that are offered to you with every problem or crisis: To follow the way of breakthrough or the way of breakdown. You will envision what these could look like with a specific problem that you are facing, and use this to build momentum for breakthrough. You will work on this problem for the rest of the workshop, using the tools you are taught in real-time to make tangible changes that can be put into full effect before the workshop is even over.

You will now explore the power of the Breakthrough Curve, the archetypal process of transformation in the universe. The first step, which can also be the hardest, is to take ownership of your reactions and enjoy the creativity this brings. We explore how much we like to avoid responsibility; and the traps of blame, shame and complain. You will learn embodied practices for making the leap into total response-ability.

Next you will learn how to decode what happens when you get triggered and reactive; and use this insight as the precursor to an epiphany. You will hunt for out-dated assumptions, addictions, moods and beliefs that are getting in the way of your learning, growth and expansion. You will then be taken on a deep transformation process designed to give you a major ah-ha! moment: breakthrough!

Often there is resistance to breakthrough. You will understand from the latest psychology and neurobiology, why this is. We will teach you a life-changing framework for working with your resistance and securing your survival instincts so that you can have the breakthrough you deserve with your problem and know how to repeat this in everyday life so you are never locked into self-sabotage, negative thinking, damaging addictions or settling for a less-than-awesome life.

You will explore how to approach crises, suffering and pain as unprocessed ‘shadow’: parts of ourselves that we are ashamed off but which we need to be fully whole. Suffering can become the gateway to bliss once you know how to master your habits, beliefs, and emotions. You will see every life issue – no matter how seemingly mundane – as an invitation to release what is no longer working for you and then enjoy a major breakthrough towards more freedom.

Going deeper, you experience the two fundamental drivers of life lives: Connection and Protection. Without connection to something greater than ourselves, we simply cannot break through our greatest challenges, transform our biggest demons, and heal our darkest emotional wounds. You will learn simple tools and techniques that allow you to reconnect to something bigger than yourself at will and use it to heal deep trauma, shadow and shame within. 

Then you can work with Connector and Protector, the two fundamental archetypes within you, to move yourself onwards to breakthrough after breakthrough. You learn how to rapidly engage with your demons and self-sabotaging patterns – rather than resist them or repress them – and break through them to discover powerful new qualities within you that have always been hidden. You need these to be able to thrive in the world.

You will learn how to flick the master switch deep within and choose whether to see life as meaningful or meaningless once and for all. As you experience how to surrender, you can fully let go of the egoic patterns that are holding you back. You can then receive more breakthroughs, more intuition, more guidance and more creativity. As a group we will form a live connection to each other and the universe and use it to accelerate the healing and transformation of everyone in the workshop.

Ultimately, the BioBreakthrough Experience is about learning how to access the switched on feeling – where everyone feels like your ally and everything feels like it is possible – at any time. The workshop provides you with the tools you need to continue this process at home and in everyday life. You learn how to find stillness in the chaos and how to live in the creative tension between doing and being; making money and having meaning; getting stuff done and being in love with each moment. This is about turning wisdom from something you learn about on in a workshop (and then forget) to something that is the bedrock of your life.

Blending the totally practical with the awesomely profound, you will learn how to integrate your creative essence into your everyday ego… and have a lot of playful fun along the way, complete with music, movement, meditation and lots of intimate work with others who can support you in life once the workshop is completed. Expect tears of joy as breakthrough happen; tears of sadness as trauma is finally released; and laughter, insight and excitement as people transform when the moment is right.

You will complete the workshop with a framework and methodology with which to deal with any problem in life. We have designed the program to create the ideal conditions you need to have a tangible breakthrough with a real problem, whether career, relationship, money or health (or something else entirely). You will have practical steps you can take to continue the process of rewiring your nervous system in the days following the workshop; new ‘micro-habits’ you can create that fit into your existing life and move your towards change; and specific actions to take to make your breakthrough real from day 1.


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